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Music at Noon Tuesdays

Tuesday, August 13, 2024

Kirill Gerstein Piano Recital

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Longtime Festival collaborator Kirill Gerstein, praised by The Guardian as “a peerless performer,” offers a rich Romantic recital program that includes Chopin’s Polonaise-Fantasy—a visionary work that, while writing the piece, the composer described as something he didn’t “yet know what to call”; Liszt’s flamboyant, Chopin-influenced Polonaise No. 2; and Schumann’s Carnival Scenes from Vienna, which moves masterfully and innovatively between the festive and the somber. 

CHOPIN Polonaise-Fantasy in A-flat Major, Op. 61

LISZT Polonaise No. 2 in E Major, S. 223

SCHUMANN Faschingsschwank aus Wien (Carnival Scenes from Vienna), Op. 26




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