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The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival provides wonderful experiences in music education to its community!

We provide music education and enrichment programs for children and youth in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Our programs purposely nourish and cultivate the requirements of children in the formative stages of musical development. We equally provide key music education to middle and high school students who’ve chosen music as a course of study.

“Thank you for coming to our school. It made me feel very special. I have never been to a concert, so I am really happy.”


Elementary school student

We light the fire of learning by educating hearts and minds. Our strategically structured programs have a long-range, transformative impact on students’ worldviews, potential for academic and artistic success, school attendance and graduation rates, and career choices.

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Leanne DeVane

Leanne DeVane is Director of Education and Outreach for Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, where she oversees multiple vital music education programs for youth throughout Northern New Mexico, grades PreK to 12.

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