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Kelly O'Connor

Music at Noon Wednesdays

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kelley O'Connor & Myra Huang Recital

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Grammy Award–winning mezzo-soprano Kelley O’Connor and acclaimed pianist Myra Huang present a recital program that spotlights dramatic and complex literary heroines. Grieg’s song cycle Haugtussa (The Mountain Maid) incorporates Norwegian folk melodies into its story about Veslemøy, a young shepherd girl who struggles with the burdens of having psychic powers, while Haydn’s cantata Arianna a Naxos takes listeners through Cretan Princess Arianna’s grief, wrath, and despair after she’s abandoned by her lover, Theseus. The program also features Korngold’s Five Songs, Op. 38, which incorporates lush melodies from the Academy Award–winning composer’s acclaimed film scores. 

GRIEG Haugtussa (The Mountain Maid), Op. 67

HAYDN Arianna a Naxos, Hob. XXVIb:2

KORNGOLD Five Songs, Op. 38




60 minutes


starting at $35

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