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Festival Violinist Inspires in Local Schools

Students at Nina Otero Community School recently enjoyed a visit by L.P. How, a Festival violinist. Students heard beautiful music, learned about the violin, and shared their impressions and reactions with L.P.  These visits to twelve local Pre-kindergarten programs, reaching around 600 children, are intended to bring fun, joy, and familiarity to classical music. Even more, children get to know L.P.!  A few weeks afterward, L.P. returned to the schools with a full-string quartet for a schoolwide concert. The schoolwide performances were special for the PreK students, as they all had a new friend in the string quartet! 

Schools visited were Cesar Chavez Elementary, E.J. Martinez Elementary, El Camino Real Academy, El Dorado Community School, Kearny Elementary Nava Elementary, Nye Bilingual Early Childhood Center, Nina Otero Community School, Pecos Elementary, Piñon Elementary, Ramirez Thomas Elementary, and Sweeney Elementary. 

These recent encounters between students and L.P. prepare kids for a future where they love and seek out classical music experiences. We’re so thankful for the generosity and welcoming environment from every PreK teacher, and every school. Together, we make music come alive in the hearts of children. 

Anthony Jackson’s PreK Classroom at Pecos Elementary 
Renee Butler’s PreK Classroom at Nina Otero Community School Above photos by Sabra LaVaun
Carrie Ortega’s PreK Classroom at Nina Otero Community School Above photos by Sabra LaVaun