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Ivy Ross, Support Staff

Ivy Ross

support staff

Ivy Ross is a consultant, facilitator, songwriter, and educator who addresses challenging social and environmental issues via critical thinking, compassion, and strategic action planning. She is devoted to a long-haul collaborative and creative vision of an emergent equitable world. Ivy is known for creativity, flexibility, playfulness, and innovative solutions

As Founding Director of IvyArts, she provides ongoing consultation and anti-bias facilitation, and curriculum writing for the Anti-Defamation League, serving school districts, businesses, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Ivy has worked with a multitude of organizations including: the Children’s Defense Fund; Columbia Hospital For Women; Teachers & Writers Collaborative; Young Audiences; Youth Music Project, Children’s Cancer Association: MyMusicRX; and The Boys & Girls Club.

She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Student Success Coach, and Anti-Defamation League A World Of Difference Institute Trainer.